Thursday, January 14, 2010

Small Paul's Boat Shoes

Here's another pair of shoes I've been procrastinating. I just can't get these shoe patterns to come out right, so I always have to change them as I go, which is just stressful enough to make me procrastinate. I think the shoes turned out cute though.

On a brighter note, this is the first time that all my soles came out the exact same size, and it was on the first try!

Also, I love the yarn I used on these. It's soft, but not fuzzy. It's cottony, but not stiff. And it's machine washable. I want to make everything out of it. I wish it came in more colors and bigger packages.


  1. I nominated you for an award on my blog.

  2. Schmath, you rock. How do you get so many projects done? You are my idol....if I worshipped idols, that is.

  3. Just got them in the mail - Thank you so much!! They are beyond adorable, and they are just a little bit big, which is perfect - he'll be able to grow just a bit more in them - yay!! I posted a picture of him in them on our blog. You are awesome! I stand in awe of your talent. Thank You!!!!

  4. can I hire you to make a diaper cover for baby photo shoots?