Friday, January 29, 2010

Anybody Have an Orange Kitchen?

I was too lazy to do laundry, so I knitted a new dishcloth instead of washing the dirty ones. But really, it doesn't match my kitchen. So if you have an apricot orange kitchen, let me know. Otherwise, I'm just gonna use it anyway.

Hanne doesn't know about dishes yet. She thinks it's a scarf:

Or maybe a hat:

Maybe it'll end up becoming her security blanket.

The pattern


  1. It's not exactly orange. It's got two walls called "Old Burro" or something like that. It's a very soft terra cotta. Is that close enough? Do I win? You realize how much it would cost you to mail it... But I see it's been blessed by Hanne. It would be special to me.

  2. Yay! You win! It's about time I made something for you, but there's no way a measly dishcloth can make up for all the stuff you've made me.

  3. Congrats, Kathleen, I know how much you will appreciate it!!

    My grandma taught me how to knit this pattern when I was a teenager and I've never forgotten it. Washcloths are the ONLY thing I knit, although I occasionally use different patterns. They are not only good for dishes, but they are great for washing your face (and other body parts), and smaller sizes are great for baby washcloths. I made one with baby-size cotton yarn and very small needles which turned out really perfect for baby bathing, but it took 4 times as many stitches so I just went back to making them a smaller size, I'm not THAT into knitting :)