Monday, September 28, 2009


I never dreamed I'd become a knitter. As a kid, I thought it was an old lady sport, and I didn't know anyone who knitted. My mom had some scratchy, brown, knitted blankets in the cupboard, and I never stopped to think that all knit might not be as horrible as those itchy blankets. But then, upon the birth of my baby girl, my friend Kathleen sent me some soft and beautiful creations:

I just couldn't get over how cute my baby looked in knit. I started coveting other babies' knitted caps and wishing my baby had more cute, knitted clothing, like jumpers, and shoes to go with every outfit.

I couldn't resist it any longer: I had to learn to knit. At first it was frustrating, and made my hands cramp up, but Kathleen told me to keep at it, and now, one week later, it's one of my favorite hobbies. It's relaxing, and I love the feel of the soft yarn, and it's fulfilling seeing my fabric grow. Plus, it makes TV watching seem like less of a waste of time.

So, this blog is dedicated to my inspiration, Kathleen. I'm so happy to be a knitter!