Sunday, December 4, 2011


Can you tell he's got a knitter who loves him? (Although not enough to knit him some pants, apparently. But at least I put a blanket over those bare knees before taking him out in the snow.) He's not mad about all the knitwear; he's just sick, and he sucked the heck out of his thumb last night, so now it has a blister, and he can't suck it anymore. I'd be depressed too.

Ryan's been leaving town a lot. He just got back from an overnight trip to San Francisco to attend a My Morning Jacket concert. At first I was kinda bummed and thinking jealous thoughts.

But then he came home with this:

The variegated one is called Anime, and the colors are inspired by a Japanese Anime movie. The blue is called Starring, and it's a little more dark and sparkly in real life. What are the chances that Ryan would find not just a knitting shop, but one with unique, San Francisan-made yarn?

So I changed my mind. Ryan can travel as much as he wants, as long as he brings back yarn from everywhere he goes.