Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ryan's Father's Day Beanie

Poor Ryan. I knit this in front of him and made him try it on as I knit, then finished two hours before Father's Day was over. There wasn't even a hint of surprise.

I tried the German twisted cast-on, which came out too loose, almost ruffly and not manly, so when I finished, I tried blocking it. Every time I walked through the kitchen, where the wet hat was blocking, I got a whiff of wet wool and thought the house was on fire. Does anyone else think wet wool smells like campfire?


  1. Yes, it does. I don't use wool, though. I figure things are either wash and wear, or wash and swear. I don't believe in blocking anything. I'm a lazy knitter, and I think my new socks are a beautiful exception. I'll gladly hand wash them. Other things go in the washing machine. If they don't come out the way they went in, they're done for.

  2. LOL
    Kathleen's comment cracks me up.
    Wet wool smells funny, but to be honest I can't remember how it smells.
    The beanie turned out great.
    I think Pug's looks really good in it.
    I like the colour.