Monday, June 6, 2011

My First Socks

I've been anxiously waiting to post these, but the person I made them for reads my knitting blog, so I had to lay low until I gifted them, but now they are on the feet of their new owner, so here they are in all their glory:

My first socks!

I absolutely loved making these. I think sock-making is going to be my new hobby for a while. It's just so easy to carry around half a sock in my purse rather than half a sweater. And it's exciting to try on the sock after every few rounds and watch it grow. Plus, the lace pattern is monotonous enough to knit while watching the kids or the TV, yet tricky enough to keep it interesting.


  1. If it's going to be your new hobby then I'd like to learn from you.
    It's so cold up at the ranch house that I actually would like to have those socks on right now.
    They look so cozy.
    You're awesome.
    We have a canon camera rebel and we love it.
    I took photography at high school and Uni for a while so have a little knowledge plus I've played around with it a little, plus Dru knows more than me about how to take good pic's and a few of my mates are photographers and so give me advice every now and then, so with all that combined, it helps to take an ok pic every now and then.
    Can't wait to see your next pair of socks.

  2. I have yet to make my first sock, but I keep saying I am going to, I am going to.....

    I absolutely love your socks!

  3. You made me so very happy. I love them. They are a perfect fit, and the heel never wanders like so many socks do. I hate it when my shoes eat my socks. That didn't happen with these. I'm hand washing them tonight so I can wear them again tomorrow. I love you, Schmath. You're the greatest.

  4. Those are so darn cute. (Ooooh, good choice of words!) Seriously, you are so talented!

  5. Smath, Cool socks. I just taught myself the "magic loop" technique. I finished one sock last night. As soon as I finish the other I'll post a picture. They're fun and easy but not nearly as elaborate as these. Now I wonder if I could do a cable or some Fair Isle on the magic loop. I really like the ribbing on yours. John Paul McKinney