Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Found Some!

I decided to just make a blue bow and be done with it, but then as I was looking for the right hook to make the bow, I came across a small bundle of the creme yarn! Lucky!


  1. I like it both ways. It seems to me that girls can wear blue a lot easier than little boys can wear pink. A flower or bow makes any color "girlie" whereas no matter how boyish that pink overall is, it still looks like a girl's wearing it. Don't blame me. I'm a product of my raisin, as my daddy used to say.

  2. Yes, this is nicer.. I wouldn't bother about boyish or girlish, this is just nicer. And indeed, if you really want it to be girlish, you might add a flower or something, but this is great at it is. Nice pattern!