Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweater Fail

For some reason, I've been feeling like I wasn't a true knitter because real knitters make sweaters, and I'd never made one. I came across this little gem on ravelry:

Any little boy with a preppy name like Sullivan deserves a professor sweater, right? Well, mine didn't exactly turn out like the picture. First of all, I'd been practicing speed knitting and English knitting, which really messed with my gauge, so when I started this, I knitted ridiculously loosely the first day, so the chest and top of the arms are much bigger than the stomach and sleeves. Second of all, it's huge:

So I'm trying to decide if I should put pink buttons on it and let Hanne wear it for a while, or if I should go with the original leather buttons and elbow patches and let it sit in the closet for a year until Sully grows into it. It's a little small for Hanne, especially in the stomach, so it'd be kind of a waste to put buttons on it. Maybe a flower brooch instead?

I'm pretty bummed about the bulky top part. I should have redid it back when I had the chance. Now I will be forever ashamed to take my kids anywhere in it. So since my first sweater was a failure, I guess I'm still not a true knitter. Sigh.

I'm going to try to redeem myself by knitting Sully's blessing outfit. I'm going to make one of these in white:

Hopefully it comes out the right size this time, cuz what would I do with a giant, white, blessing outfit?


  1. Sully's pictures is SO cute, even if the sweater is big.

  2. I never consider something I finished a failure, since I figure I learned something from it. And trust me, Schmath—you're a real knitter.

  3. Only a real knitter could say something like "redid" and get two comments that don't even mention it.

  4. Everything is just too cute! Put the flowers or pink buttons on and let Hanne model it for a while. 'Still looks darling on Sully, so after a few months, switcharoo, and do the leather thing and let the manly man wear it. (You are far too talented! Gma's holding RS knitting class as I type. Do I go? No. Should I? 'Yep! You, 2, would really hit it off.)

  5. Man Sully is so cute.
    I bet you could just put him in it and no one would even notice cause they'd just be gazing at him.
    Sorry man.
    I think it looks fine, but I'm not a true knitter, so my opinion doesn't count.
    I can't believe they got the blue part right by the boat.
    Man knitters are awesome.

  6. has anyone told you Sully has such bright, engaging eyes?
    I like the sweater! I couldn't really notice the bulky top. And I think knitting his blessing outfit is a fabulous idea.