Sunday, December 19, 2010

Owl Purse

Ryan had to help me with the lining. I was gonna use iron-on adhesive, but he insisted on using the sewing machine. He just really loves machines. It makes me wonder why more men don't sew. Here's the pattern.

Update: The magnets were ripping out and my sewing looked like crap, so I redid the lining. Much better:


  1. Hey can I come over and knit with you ASAP?
    I'm gonna call you tomorrow.

  2. My husbands is much better at the sewing machine than I am, and I'm pretty sure it's because he's fascinated by the mechanics.

  3. THAT.IS.SO.CUTE!!!! I absolutely LOVVVVVEEEEEE it!


  4. I love this! I think you're a knitting machine. And I never cease to be amazed by your uncanny ability to read patterns. Super cute! And hey, I want to see your baby over the Christmas break!