Monday, December 6, 2010

Bluebell Bookmarks

I don't get out much now that I have two kids. The doctor told me not to expose Sully to any disease until April, which is when RSV season ends. But I really wanted to make these bookmarks, so I loaded the kids into the car and took them to Michael's to find the right yarn. Michael's has mini-carts, which are great for navigating a crowded store, but impossible for mothers like me who use them as restraining devices for their kids. I balanced the baby carrier on top of the cart, making sure to keep Sully covered and away from germy people, but there was no room for Hanne, so I held her hand and we made our way to the yarn aisle. Once we got there, I let go of Hanne's hand, keeping her in my peripheral vision. I had only been browsing for about 30 seconds when Hanne came to me whining. I ignored her for a few more seconds, and when I finally looked down, I saw her mouth and chin dripping purple goo. My first thought was, blood! What happened? Then I realized it was purple, and I saw the little bottle of acrylic paint in one hand and the lid in the other (with the plastic seal somehow still in tact,) and I thought, what if it's poisonous!? Where's the nearest water source? Then I thought some more and realized she probably didn't swallow, and even if she did, it wouldn't be enough to hurt her, so I wiped her mouth out with a baby wipe. It was all worth it though because these bookmarks turned out so pretty.

I found the bluebell pattern in Nicky Epstein's Crocheted Flowers, which I checked out at the library. Hooray for free patterns!


  1. LOL
    they're beautiful.
    we still need to get together and knit.
    I need to remember my stuff over christmas.

  2. I love these bookmarks, and most of the bookmarks I've seen are fairly flat and kind of ordinary. Some of them aren't, of course. I've seen some really pretty ones, but none as unique as this one. Great job, Schmath.