Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Ashamed of These Shoes

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the left shoe is a half inch longer and a quarter inch skinnier than the right shoe. The main reason these turned out to be different sizes is that I started in the wrong place after I finished the sole on the left one. That's also why the toe is messy. But I also don't consistently crochet my stitches the same size. I'm not sure how to be more consistent, and I don't know why I didn't have this problem on the hat. Maybe I need to make a gauge swatch and continually check against it. I wonder how the real crocheters do it.

pattern link


  1. I've made booties (not that cute) with different lengths before, too. I think the key is practice to get your gauge set.

  2. LOL I think it's awesome you posted this Stacey.
    I think they're way cute.
    You could use them on a doll or a toy.
    Are you just gonna take them apart?
    Everyone has their first try man.
    Maybe you should email those peeps on the picture you got and ask them "So how the hell do you do those so perfect?"

  3. They were so quick to make that I'm not sure it'd be worth taking them apart. I'm hoping that if I make another one, it will match the right one. I learned a lot from this first try though. I think if I had used two colors, like the pattern said to, I wouldn't have been confused with where to start the upper. Plus, it would have been cuter.

  4. I HATE making booties or little shoes because the smallest deviation makes the biggest difference in size, and there are always so many little pieces. I often have to make three to get two that match. Guage is a matter of practice. You're doing awesome.