Monday, November 30, 2009

Connor's Hat

It's cute, but next time I'll lower the yellow stripe. And hopefully I'll learn how to avoid this mess:

The pattern didn't give instructions for stripes, so I guessed, and I was wrong.

Here's where I found the free pattern.


  1. Sorry man.
    I still think it's cute.

  2. 'Still very cute! (I'll line you and Gma Schank up. She holds a RS knitting class every Tuesday evening. She can do anything. My favorite item--her knitted personalized Christmas stockings. Gma even tats--oooh, there's a new one for you! You need to come and visit!) Love you!


    check it out.

    I'll send a pic of mine in his adorable shoes in a day or two! Thanks! it was a fun surprise in the mail!