Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lace Mat Planning

There's this doily pattern that has been taking over the internet, and I really want to make one, but I'm afraid to choose colors. But I got this brilliant idea to put it in my laundry/craft room and model the colors after the doilies on the wallpaper:

So, blue and white? And what shade of blue? Should it have some charcoal too? What about green? And which round should be which color? I haven't decided if I'll hang it on a white or charcoal background.

I love the way this one looks with the dark color on the outside edge. But I also love the way it looks all in the same color.


  1. Gosh so much to choose from. I'm useless at choosing, so useless. It's so beautiful Stacey. Love it.
    I look forward to the end result. You're awesome.

  2. On the computer I like the Wedgewood but who knows in person. I think the green might be nice in there too. And thanks for your kind words!