Sunday, March 11, 2012

Whirligig Shrug

I made this Whirligig Shrug out of the Anime yarn Ryan brought back from San Francisco. I wanted to use it to make something for someone who liked Japanese Anime, or at least someone who had some connection to Japan. Then Ryan pointed out that we had friends who were two months away from having a part-Japanese baby with a Japanese name. At first I wanted to knit her a kimono sweater, in keeping with the theme, but this pattern was too cute to pass up.

I had to make Sully model it, cuz he was the closest thing I had to a 6-month-old baby girl. I tried it on the sock monkey, but it had no shoulders, so it looked lame. Isn't it weird that it fits him and it's size 6 months? It's a little small, but still-he's 16 months old!

Sorry Sully! You're still very manly.

The pattern


  1. Man it fits him so well.
    This is awesome cause that means it'll fit Emiko for a long time.
    Thanks Stacey.

  2. He'll forgive you. You did a great job, Schmath. Did you make the baby outfit I saw your sister's new baby wearing on Facebook?