Friday, February 11, 2011

Half-Done Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, I did a google image search for tatting, just to make sure it wasn't something I wanted to learn. I thought it was an old lady art and that I wouldn't like it. At first, I didn't see anything I wanted to make. But the more I looked at the photos, the more I wanted to try. But I didn't have time because I was frantically trying to finish Sully's blessing outfit:

Yesterday, I found out we're going to wait a month to bless Sully, so I took a break to learn how to tat:

Two petals into the flower, and the drive to learn tatting is out of my system. Not that I'm going to quit on my first day, I'm just going to finish a few other projects first. Anyone want to learn tatting with me? I think this website has a good tutorial, and there are a bunch of youtube videos. It's really not that hard.


  1. I can tat. I'm really impressed that you figured it out on your own, bc it's difficult for most people to learn. I've tried to teach 3 diff. ladies, and none of them could get it. Maybe I'm just a bad teacher? I didn't think it was hard either...

    I tatted my oldest daughters blessing shoes, and the lace for her dress. They are gorgeous, but I never did the other 2 girls, because crocheting is so much easier and faster. Tatting is a pain in the a**. I think that is why it's a lost art. Well that and you can buy hand tatted lace from China for so cheap. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with though. I've got a couple of tatting pattern books if you want to borrow them.

    You know who this is, right?

  2. Yep, you're Kristin of the Nakayas. I don't know your real last name though. I want to make some doilies to frame on the wall. Do those take forever?

  3. At this point, I'd have to give up either cooking or laundry. I don't guess I'll be learning any new crafts for a while. Besides, if I had a chance to learn a new one, I'd love to learn to spin my own yarn. Any idea what a spinning wheel costs?

  4. Ooh, that'd be so cool! You totally need a spinning wheel! I've noticed that if I knit, I can't find time for housework, and if I do the housework, I can't find time to knit. I usually choose knitting. My house is really gross right now, and I've been wearing dirty clothes all week!

  5. My sister tats some. She made everyone some snowflakes for Christmas tree decorations, sprayed with starch or something to make them stiff. I myself think it looks cool and I wouldn't mind learning someday but I don't have the time at the moment. Or the desire.

  6. Man one more thing to my already growing list of crap?
    Good luck girlfriend.
    I don't think I'm good enough at knitting and crocheting to start something else.
    Maybe though............. who knows.

  7. A doilie would probably take me... hmmm. never really made one. Probably about as long as a bootie? Maybe 4-6 hrs. Where you could crochet one with thread and it'd take 1/4 the time. Like I said, tatting w/ the #12 thread is really time consuming. My biggest complaint about it though, is that I can't do anything else while I tat. I have to PAY COMPLETE ATTENTION. That and if you make a knot, you're pretty much screwed. I've tried getting them undone. There's even a section about it in one of my books, but hell if I can do it. If you figure it out, come show me! You're a whiz at all these kinds of things, so it'll probably be a no brainer for you.

    btw, LOVE the vintage tatting threads. Pugs is good. Real good. He actually pays attention to your hobbies doesn't he? Good man.

  8. Kristin, do you have any clover shuttles? I've been able to get knots out pretty easily with the tip of the shuttle. But my other shuttle has a tiny crochet hook that is worthless for undoing knots.