Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gnome Hat

Here's a link to the super easy pattern. And here's a link to the rose pattern.


  1. This is SO cute. Since you were asking about Halloween, I found this:

    Okay, crazy link...but it goes to a little gnome girl's costume (I'm thinking the little pink & green one). All she needs is braids and thick socks and clunky shoes, and this little dress that creative you could probably throw together in a heartbeat, and you're set for Halloween. She's the cutest baby gnome ever!

  2. The hat is cute, and really well done, Schmath. Of course, as always, Hanne does outshine it. Just can't be helped.

  3. Oh my nelly! Schmath- I know you just popped out a baby, but seriously I will pay you and wait for an adult version of this hat for a year if it takes this long. I am in LOVE with this hat.